How Do You Measure Partner Performance?

Visibility into partner performance means seeing how partners are marketing. When you can see which partners are productive and which programs are effective, you can invest selectively in partners that engage markets, generate leads and deliver sales.

How Channel Partners Can Extend Your Brand

By making content available for partners to share, but giving them the ability to truly own what they share, you build brand trust with both your partners and your market. 

Engaging Channel Partners with Social Media

When you help channel partners leverage social media to build their brand and generate leads, you can often gain an outsized effort to run your campaigns compared to run-of-the-mill MDF programs.


Socializing the Marketing Channel

The key to socializing the channel is to focus not on the technology and pundits, but on the core objective to build community with your partners to help them succeed. The tools and techniques will follow.

12 Tips for Socializing the Channel

 Social media is the perfect opportunity to engage and empower channel partners to drive more revenue. Our new white paper shows how.

Are Your Lead Generation Tactics Toxic?

Lead Generation produces marginal rates of return and a growing rate of friction. Lead Engagement is a more sustainable process, born and bred in social media.